No Souvenirs
By Christina
Mar 1, 2012 - 5:59:28 PM

Trauma surgeon Jae Sun Kim has just lost the job of his dreams. Angry and discouraged he decides to take an impromptu sea diving vacation. Belize is beautiful but seasickness and his antisocial tendencies keep Kim from really enjoying his vacation. He doesn’t expect his sinfully sexy diving instructor who refuses to allow Kim to push him away. Kim finds that he is unable to resist. A fling is just what he needs to relax.

Shane McCormack doesn’t believe in long term commitment or responsibility. He only keeps his job as a scuba diving instructor because he doesn’t want his parents to have to bail him out of yet another mess. He is immediately attracted to Jae Sun even if the man is kind of a jerk, and he is determined to see where their attraction could lead no matter the consequences.

The passion between Kim and Shane is explosive but both men know that their time together will come quickly to an end-until an unexpected danger forces them both to realize their feelings for one another. Are their feelings deep enough to make a relationship work?

At first, Jae Sun is a difficult character to like. He is very closed off and often rude to those around him. However, once he begins interacting with Shane my opinion of him changed. Shane is able to handle Kim’s snarky remarks and respond in kind. Their banter is funny and sexy all at once. The chemistry between them is palpable.

The plot is captivating and led to some unexpected twists. Just when I was sure I knew the ending the story would change directions. I really enjoy a story that can keep me guessing.

NO SOUVENIRS by K.A. Mitchell is a steamy and entertaining contemporary romance

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