No Use By Date for Love
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 15, 2011 - 8:08:28 PM

The last words any woman wants to hear from her husband of five years is “you’re past your use by date” but that’s exactly what Bec’s husband told her just before he left her for a younger woman.  Bec’s marriage has caused a rift in her longtime friendships with Teagan and Justin but immediately after Bec’s phone call to Teagan to tell her about her impending divorce the other couple decide that nothing is more important to them than bringing Bec back home – where she belongs. 


Bec, Teagan and Justin have been the best of friends since kindergarten but when Teagan and Justin hooked up Bec realized that she had deep feelings for both her friends.  Rather than risk ruining Teagan and Justin’s relationship Bec opted to distance herself, married and moved away.  Now she’s alone, practically bankrupt and her self-esteem in shambles.  The last thing she expects is for Teagan and Justin to arrive on her doorstep and offer her all the comfort, love and support she could ever need. 


Teagan and Justin easily seduce Bec into making love with them but they have a lot of work to do if they hope to make their triad permanent.  Bec still feels like a third wheel and can’t quite wrap her mind around the idea that her friends might honestly love her as much as she loves them.  There are questions that require answers before she dare dream about a possible future with Teagan and Justin.  Like, where will they live? What happens when Teagan and Justin decide to have children?  She’ll have to step back and evaluate the situation from a logical perspective rather than an emotional and passion driven gut reaction, but one thing is certain – there’s NO USE BY DATE FOR LOVE.


When I saw the title of this book I just knew I had to read it.  Like many women I’ve heard the demeaning comments like ‘past your expiration date’ and my husband’s favorite ‘now that you’re 40 I’ll trade you in for 2 twenty year olds’ so I found it very easy to empathize with Bec’s emotional bender. With NO USE BY DATE FOR LOVE Rachel Clark introduces readers to three long time friends whose deep love for each other has withstood time and many miles of separation.  My heart broke for Bec simply because her husband left her in a bad position and said such hurtful things but I felt a sense of pride in her determination to do the right thing for herself and the employees of the construction company her husband started.  The romance between Bec, Teagan and Justin isn’t conventional by any means but it works for them and there’s just something compelling about the three of them together (and let’s face it, the sex is downright hot!).  Rachel Clark’s NO USE BY DATE FOR LOVE made me smile just thinking about how stupid men can be.  Women have no use by date, but maybe they’re doing us a favor by telling us we do because that gives us the incentive to prove them wrong!

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