Nobody's Fool - Willow Park, book 2
By Diana S
Jan 28, 2016 - 7:44:31 PM

Holly Partridge never had any intention of traveling back to Willow Park, Illinois, from her Canadian home. When one of her twin sisters, Portia, disappears, Holly has no choice but to go after her. Portia is bipolar and hasn't been taking her medicines so she could have a major episode if not found soon. Holly has to go looking for her old high school enemy, Josh Hunter, in the hope that he can help her find Portia. When Holly's car, with all her clothes, cash and passport, is stolen right out from under her nose, Holly has to turn to Josh for help even though it is the last thing she wants to do.

Josh is not the bad boy he was in school but trying to get Holly to believe that is darn near impossible. The way women swoon all over him and he seems to enjoy it doesn't help his case any. He wants to make amends to Holly for his bad behavior in school so she decides to let him help her.

As the story progresses we find out more about Holly's family and why she doesn't want to talk about it. Josh decides he likes Holly and wants to make her life easier and more fun. Trying to work her way through her past while finding a better future makes this story one that keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen next.

I enjoyed this novel and am glad to have experienced this new author. I give this book 4 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies' website because I enjoy traipsing into the middle of four dysfunctional sisters and coming out the other side refreshed.

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