Nobody's Princess - Willow Park series, Book 3

Author: Sarah Hegger

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: February 23, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Tiffany Desjardins is trying to start over with a new life. The old Tiffany is more of a wild child who loves to party and live irresponsibly. New Tiffany has a job, a new beau and wants to get married and settle down to an ordered life. The problem is that she has never divorced her husband, Luke, and doesn't know how to find him to remedy the problem.

Thomas Hunter is an engineer who is working with the African country of Zambia to use their mineral resources. Thomas helped Luke when he was sick in Zambia and now needs to find him as well. Luke stole something from Thomas and he has to get it back. Finding Luke's wife, Tiffany, is the only way he knows how to do this.

When Tiffany takes off from Chicago to find Luke, of course Thomas is going to follow her. Tiffany has found out from Luke's half-brother Dakota that Luke is in Canyons, Utah, so she takes off across country to find him. She has to persuade him to come to Willow Park and give her a divorce before her father and husband-to-be, Ryan, finds out she isn't divorced.

When Tiffany is stranded with Dakota along the road in the desert, Thomas comes to the rescue. Seeing as how they are all looking for Luke, they decide to travel together. This makes for some interesting circumstances with Thomas and Tiffany trying to ignore their attraction to one another, along with a seventeen-year-old drug user, Dakota, traveling with them.

As the story progresses, they find themselves in all kinds of crazy situations. When Thomas sees the wild side of Tiffany, he can't deny his attraction and Tiffany is having a hard time remembering she is almost engaged.

Author Sarah Hegger has a knack for finding humor in all sorts of situations and brings you along for the ride. The author draws you into the turmoil between Thomas and Tiffany as they butt heads in a battle to find the power to control the events as they unfold.

NOBODY'S PRINCESS is an enjoyable story of a young woman who has always been controlled by her father. When she strikes out on her own, Tiffany decides she likes being independent and wants to make her life her own. NOBODY'S PRINCESS is an emotional tale of finding oneself and learning who you really are in the world.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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