No Reservations

Author: Megan Hart and Lauren Dane

Publisher: Black Lace

Release Date: November 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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Romance is not in the air for Kate and Leah. They are forced to spend the holiday with their men along with some unexpected houseguests. Kate has a hard time dealing with Dix’s annoying ex-wife. She pops in unannounced to spend Christmas with her three daughters. She also balks when Dix proposes the idea of getting married to Kate. However, Leah finds Brandon’s family to be very overwhelming. In an effort to save their sanity, Kate and Leah sneak off to Vegas for a girl’s getaway to find some refuge from the madness.

Brandon and Dix know what they want and that is Leah and Kate. A trip to Sin City couldn’t have been more perfect timing in their effort to win the women over. They have four days to pull out every sensual trick they know in an effort to show the two women that they are the only ones for them. However, will four days be long enough?


NO RESERVATIONS is a sexy romance that is filled with breathtaking sensuality and hot romance that is sure to keep you flipping the pages. When Kate and Leah both have a miserable time at their respective holiday gatherings, they decide to make a break for Las Vegas for much needed girl time. Their men, Brandon and Dix follow them, to show the girls, just how much they love them. This unique story is a collaboration between two very talented authors, Megan Hart and Lauren Dane. I’m looking forward to future works from this dynamite writing team.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lacey

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