Northern Heat

Author: Opal Carew (editor)

Publisher: Quarry Press

Release Date: February 14, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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It seems we’re constantly bombarded with news about Canadian celebrities, but amongst the movie stars, singers, and sports icons are a whole other grouping that has gone mostly unmentioned… until now.  NORTHERN HEAT brings together short stories from twelve of Canada’s romance authors that are likely to add a little sizzle to your imagination.

ONE NIGHT IN PARIS by Kayla Perrin -

Vivian Sinclair travels all the way to Paris with one intention in mind – seducing CFO Aaron Taylor.  For the past two years he’s been her obsession which makes maintaining her professional relationship difficult.  Now it’s time to find out if her fantasies live up to reality. 


TRICK OR TREAT by Anara Bella -

For the past several months Thea’s been infatuated with a stranger she’s seen around town.  When she spies him at the same Halloween party she’s attending she makes her move but rather than confess her interest she creates a ruse – and soon finds herself hidden away in a closet with the man of her dreams.


THE STONE HEART by Bonnie Edwards -

Cursed by a gypsy and doomed to live a lonely life Lorena accepts the comfort she finds in Jaysen’s arms.  It’s going to break her heart when they have to end things – and realistically she knows it has to end.  What she doesn’t expect is Jaysen’s determination to take their relationship to the next level.


A LITTLE WILD by Kate St. James -

With Tess’s attraction to Zack spiraling out of control she’s having a hard time focusing on him solely as a client.  He devises the perfect solution and now instead of focusing on his business they’re focusing on more pleasurable activities.


HOLIDAY SPIRIT by Cathryn Fox -

Instead of celebrating the holidays with the rest of the staff, Elly and Lucas are stuck manning the phones – all because spirits don’t believe in taking time off.  What neither of them expects is for one of the spirits they’re hunting to trap them in a room together and encourage them to imbibe in a little holiday spirit of a completely different nature.


A FOREVER COWBOY by Savanna Fox -

City life, expensive shoes and incompatible men are starting to wear on Carly.  She dreams of horses and rugged cowboys – but that’s just a pipe dream, right?  With a weeklong trip to Sundance Ranch Carly hopes to discover if her life is on the right track… but meeting Riley has her questioning if it might just be possible to ride off into the sunset with the man of your dreams – on a beautiful bay mare named Dawn.



Diana Tiverton is about to enter into a loveless yet advantageous marriage but first she wants an adventure – and who better to aid her in her quest but her half-sister, the famed madam Ivory Wilson.  What she doesn’t expect is to find herself undeniably attracted to patron Viscount Pembroke – and the stunning revelation that her fiancé, Stephen, who’d never even kissed her, is indulging his baser needs amongst the ladybirds.


ABDUCTION by Sasha White -

Max Cooper’s been abducted but that’s not the most shocking thing about his situation – he’s been deaf for the past eleven months but inexplicably he’s able to hear again.  He’ll soon learn that he’s been abducted by aliens.  One of them in particular intends to keep him for herself, but Max isn’t quite as agreeable as she’d hoped.


MÉNAGE by Jan Springer -

Erotic romance author Claire has the fantasy of a ménage stuck in her head and she’s hopeful that her evening at the Key Club will make her dreams come true.    She picks the ménage key and discovers that the handsome hunks she’s been admiring are the perfect specimens to introduce her to the pleasure of a ménage.


WILCO by Christine d’Abo -

Lucy leads a double life.  By day she’s a naval officer, by night she’s a dominatrix.  Keeping the two separated has never been too complicated but when Sergeant Tyler Richardson enters the Leather Slipper the lines begin to blur and maybe, just maybe it’ll disappear altogether.


UNASHAMED by Leah Braemel -

Haley’s admission, during a game of truth or dare, that her ultimate fantasy would be a ménage with her husband and another man is about to become a reality.  A friend’s wedding in a paradise location is the perfect opportunity for Max to bring her fantasy to life, especially since he has the aid of a friend Haley’s never met.  


THREE by Opal Carew -

For weeks Lori’s fantasized about a stranger she’s seen across a crowded subway station.  All her erotic dreams seem hopeless though because she’s received an email from her best friend who’s on a singles tour in Costa Rica. Not only is Marie getting married to some guy she met but she also attached a picture to the email - and in that picture is Lori’s sexy stranger.


NORTHERN HEAT is a wonderful anthology showcasing the talents of some of Canada’s romance authors.  You’ll be treated to several different genres and heat levels but all the stories in this book are positively delightful.  Honestly, I knew we had talented authors who lived in Canada since I’ve read all of them before but somehow having their writing displayed under one cover just amps up the wow factor.  What I especially love about this anthology is there’s no hype and no scandal (ok, maybe a little scandal), but we’re not going to have to be bombarded with it on the nightly news.  It’s simply deliciously naughty fun – and isn’t that the best kind?


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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