Northwest Tales of the Season Anthology
By Alane
Oct 24, 2003 - 5:57:00 PM

LORD OF MISRULE by Judith B. Glad

Luke Savage didn’t know exactly what he was getting into when he married Katie Lachlan.  The newlyweds are visiting Katie’s family for Christmas, and Luke is overwhelmed when they finally arrive.  The land, the house, and the big, boisterous family are intimidating and he’s feeling a little inferior.  He wasn’t born to that kind of money!  He wants to work hard to support his family without handouts from Katie’s relatives, but can he ask her to make so many sacrifices?  Katie doesn’t understand Luke’s doubts.  She loves Luke and knows her family will accept him.  Will love provide a strong enough foundation for two people who want to build a life together?

THE SNASS CHUCK by RubyLee Schneider


When Finn McCool stands up schoolteacher Tillie Emerson for the Christmas dance, she and her friend Mildred are left without transportation.  Their only hope is to borrow horses from their landlord and ride over the hill to get to that dance.  They are desperate enough to give it a try, but they had better watch out for the Snass Chucks!  Is it worth the risk just to go to a dance?  Who knows what they will find there!




Shawna Clark just wants to get away for a few days.  Away from the city, her cheating fiancé and the very real possibility that she’ll lose her job.  She doesn’t expect the fishing cabin to be quite so… rustic, though.  No heat, no running water, nothing but a rude neighbor who is determined to ignore her for the sake of his own peace and quiet.  Dr. Gregory Harris doesn’t need company interrupting his annual ritual, especially not a woman who can’t even build a fire to keep herself from freezing to death in the cabin next door.  To the chagrin of both, Shawna decides to stay.  Both were looking for solitude but will they find something better instead?


A MIDNIGHT CLEAR by Maureen Mackey


Sophie Weyland is ready to start a new life.  She just needs to make a brief stop in Sea Spray to sell the house her grandmother left her, so she can afford to move to a new city and start a new career.  But Jake Lazarra, head of the school board and Sophie’s new neighbor, keeps blocking her attempts to sell her inheritance.  He convinces her to step in as a teacher at the local elementary school, reawakening her interest in teaching.  Jake is beginning to pique her interest, too.  Sophie seems to be starting new life in Sea Spray, but can the small town – and Jake - compete with the allure of a glamorous city?




Shawnie Delight Martin loves her job as companion to Diego Sanchez.  When Diego’s son Ramiro arrives home for a Christmas visit, he immediately assumes Shawnie is a gold digger and orders her out of his father’s house.  He’s already broken Diego’s heart by refusing to take over the family farm that Diego can no longer run by himself.  Ramiro has a lot to learn about love and family.  Will Shawnie be the one to teach him?




Neal is a promising young artist who has just gotten a big break.  His contract to provide the artwork for a large corporate headquarters building is just what he needs to get on his feet professionally.  His mentor Marian is proud of him and feels her work is complete, but Neal disagrees!  He’s in love with Marian.  Marian loves Neal too, but in her opinion there’s an insurmountable problem: Neal is 23 years her junior.  She’s sure that Neal is feeling gratitude and friendship, not deep, enduring love.  Can Neal convince Marian to believe the evidence of her own heart and accept his love?


All six of these heartwarming Christmas stories take place in the Pacific Northwest.  Some are tales of days long past, others are from more contemporary times, but all share a common theme: love.  There’s something extra-special about love at Christmas time.  These short stories are perfect when you’re in the mood for a quick helping of holiday cheer.

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