Not Another New Year's
By Sarah W
Feb 8, 2007 - 11:58:00 AM

When a sexy woman lands in his lap on New Year’s Eve, Tanner Hart decides to go with the flow. After eleven months of abstinence, he is more than ready to embrace the beautiful woman with lips of sin. She says her name is Deborah and after some sensational kisses at Tanner’s place, “Deborah” wakes up at Tanner’s place the next morning with no clue as to what happened the night before.

Schoolteacher Hannah Davis came to Coronado, California, for a specific reason she did not tell anyone back in her small hometown. She is on vacation and is supposed to be meeting a man who will help her get to know the area whilst visiting. Little does she know that the Tanner Hart she is meeting is none other than “Finn,” the passionate man she slept with on New Year’s Eve! Or, thought she slept with…but when “Finn” tells her it was explosive, Hannah is shocked but happy. After all, it has been four years since she last slept with a man and recently, her trust in men has been nil after her fiancé’s shocking betrayal. Learning that Finn is none other than Tanner leads to some explanations but it also makes the attraction between them all that more honest and palpable.


Tanner does not want any distractions in his life right now, and that is what Hannah is. A big distraction. He is very close to getting his job back with Secret Service and he cannot let the mutual attraction stop him. Hannah has her own agenda to pursue, she just has to get her courage up and with the help of Tanner, that may happen sooner than later.

Christie Ridgway’s NOT ANOTHER NEW YEAR’S is a bubbly and warmhearted sequel to MUST LOVE MISTLETOE. Tanner and Hannah are opposites in a lot of ways. Hannah follows the rules; she guides and encourages others, and is always putting her personal preferences aside in order to please others. Tanner is a protector. He enforces the rules but is not afraid to do the dirty work to reach his objective. He has hero written all over him though he is the last to see it. Christie Ridgway is not afraid to put these characters in situations that will test their strengths and weaknesses. The lust is a scorching and instantaneous heat but the love builds slowly on these pages, making it a more realistic situation for these characters who do not give up their hearts, trust, or facades easily. Add in a special and equally well-written secondary romance and NOT ANOTHER NEW YEAR’S radiates with romance, humor and likable leads.

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