Not Even If You Begged
By Billie Jo
Jan 1, 2008 - 10:12:23 AM

Traci is a widower and successful attorney who has vowed never to trust anyone completely again.   Although she cares deeply for the women in the “Invincible Sisterhood” group, she can not let them know how badly she was hurt by her late husband.   Traci also has severe issues stemming from her very nasty family.   When her next door neighbor has her house broken into, she runs over to make sure that Maureen is okay.   While talking with Maureen, she feels the presence of Ryan, the one man who makes her body and heart feel alive.   Will Traci let the ice around her heart melt and allow the man she has fallen in love with in?   Or will her severely bruised heart close down when Ryan gets too close?

Ryan is a well-known OB-GYN and considered quite the ladies man. When someone breaks into his mother’s home, he calls in his good friend, Simon, to ensure the house has adequate security.   Upon his arrival at his mother’s house, he runs into Traci, the only woman who has ever turned him down flat.   He decides to prove that no woman can resist him and tricks Traci into going on a date with him.   Only Ryan soon realizes that he is the one who is falling in love with her.   Will Ryan be able to convince Traci that he loves her whole-heartedly and will never hurt her?   Or will he have his heart-broken when Traci decides she can not trust love?


Within the pages of NOT EVEN IF YOU BEGGED you will encounter poignant characters wrapped into a beguiling plot that will leave you breathless.   Francis Ray pens another award-winning romance that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat to see how this enchanting tale will end.   I pulled an all-nighter reading this novel.   I laughed out loud at the awesome bantering and my heart soared with the beautiful fairy tale ending.   Be prepared to have tissues sitting next to you because I sobbed at the emotional outbursts that incur throughout.  


I adored Traci and Ryan.   Ms. Ray does an awesome job putting these two together.   Traci is a captivating character.   She is stubborn, strong-willed and afraid to trust someone again.   I really felt all her emotions and could relate to her.   I rooted for her to open her heart and let Ryan in.   She thinks he is egotistical, stubborn and the sexiest man she has ever laid eyes on.  


Ryan is charming, adorable and compassionate.   He captured my attention from the beginning of the book.   I love his sense of duty he has for his mother.   Ryan thinks Traci is mulish and untouchable.   He sets out to prove that she is not as cold as she believes she is.   I cheered when he landed the love of his life.


I adored the secondary romance that is entwined into this charming tale.   The characters are colorful, amusing and add a lot of zip to the storyline.  


I highly recommend NOT EVEN IF YOU BEGGED and I will be putting it on my top shelf with my other keepers.   Curl up with a warm blanket, a cup of tea and enjoy your journey into a lovely romance.  

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