Not His Type
By Zee
Jan 3, 2009 - 2:58:22 AM

Cathy Chambers is a literary agent. With her twin boys in college, Cathy is settling down and savoring life. Things are good, and nothing could make it better. Well, a man certainly could, but not everyone out there will take his chance with a full-figured woman. So Cathy falls back on a fantasy - her man will be Marcus Fox, her favorite New York Yankees player. Of course, it is all naught but a dream.

Marcus Fox is a famous athlete. He knows it, and sometimes thinks this can hinder the real man inside him. Of course, he doesn't show this outwardly, preferring to live an uncomplicated life between his job on the pitch and a stress-free life dating stunning women who often happen to be models. Until a chance encounter allows Marcus to glimpse Cathy in a restaurant.

Marcus's attention is piqued by this beautiful, confident woman who carries herself with poise and grace even in the face of adversity. A woman who feels good in her own skin, however much it doesn't fit the required criteria of beauty in today's world, attracts him tremendously. Marcus knows he has to meet her, and that's how he strolls over to her table and introduces himself.

Cathy at first thinks she's dreaming, even when Marcus asks her to attend one of his team's game. But she cannot fight against waking up and facing the truth, as unbelievable as it may appear - Can Marcus, a man renowned to go after stick-thin women, really be interested in someone like her?

Even more important, does Cathy trust herself enough to plunge into this relationship? Never before had her stand and her self-consciousness been tested this way. Will Cathy be able to show to herself, to Marcus, and to the world, that she isn't NOT HIS TYPE?

A delightful story liberally sprinkled with doses of humor, NOT HIS TYPE however manages to address serious issues. Ms. Canton achieves the feat of showing the real turmoil and internal struggle of a woman with a full figure. Her mastery of her words and prose convey in a clear and precise picture what full-figured women face in today's world.

Cathy is an extremely likeable character. She comes across as realist and this trait is endearing, in that the reader has the impression, throughout the story, of dealing with a 'real' person. Cathy could be someone you are conversing with in your living room over a cup of coffee. That's how close Ms. Canton makes us feel to her main protagonist. Cathy's relationship with Marcus is one you cannot help but approve and root for. Marcus is a very likeable character too, in the sense that he stands up for what he feels is right and doesn't bother with what the world wants to dictate him to do.

On the whole, a very good story. NOT HIS TYPE is chock full of emotion. Laughter jumps off the page in many instances, none less than when the cast of secondary characters take the stage with Cathy and Marcus.

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