Not My Brother's Keeper
By Anita
Aug 5, 2007 - 8:49:40 AM

He is prepared to marry the woman he loves with his future shining bright in front of him as a new federal agent. Then Alejo De la Cruz loses it all, when he is found guilty of smuggling drugs by the Mexican government. Not knowing who set him up, Alejo just tries to survive the danger found in a Mexican prison until he is given the chance to clear his name. Working undercover, he returns to the home of his brother where he discovers that his girlfriend and brother are now married.


Crystal is shocked to see Alejo standing at the door, especially since he is supposed to be dead. She does not know what to think, since it was Alejo's brother, her now husband, that told her that Alejo was killed in a plane crash.


In NOT MY BROTHER'S KEEPER, Brandi Broughton has written a fascinating contemporary romance filled with suspense and exciting action. It is a story about lies and betrayal. I was hooked from the beginning, and held captive, anxiously waiting for the story to play out to its fullest. A man's life is changed forever. His dreams are destroyed, and he is thrown in jail to rot, as everything he ever cared about is stolen from him. When he discovers who is behind what has happened he is overwhelmed. His heartbreak from this betrayal quickly changes to rage. A rage that has him going in search of revenge.


The passion heats up as Alejo becomes reacquainted with the woman he loved and had planned to marry. Crystal is still as beautiful as he remembered, but now she is married to his brother. Crystal truly believed he was dead, and the fact that he is not is more than she can handle. They must work out their differences and misunderstandings if the truth behind the lies is ever to be learned. The love has never died between them and the passion of their desire burns whenever they are close.


Danger builds as they get closer to exposing the truth. There are times when you find yourself not breathing as the tension builds. Things truly become explosive when any wrong move can mean someone's life. NOT MY BROTHER'S KEEPER by Brandi Broughton is a thrilling suspense and passionate romance. I recommend to everyone.

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