Not Quite Christmas
By Dottie
Mar 12, 2011 - 4:09:36 PM

Frank Smith was not happy to be returning to his hometown. At one time, he had planned to live the rest of his life there, but that was before his high school girlfriend Kathleen Fields turned down his proposal. She had claimed to love him throughout high school and college. Everything had gone according to his plan; going to college on a baseball scholarship and majoring in accounting, but when he proposed during his senior year at college, she had said no. Only later did he find out that she was engaged to Grant Winchester, who had been drafted and was serving a tour in Vietnam. Frank had graduated, gotten his CPA and obtained a job, but it was in Nashville, far away from his hometown. However, he was not happy and felt like his life was on hold. His mother had finally convinced him to return to Legend for the Christmas holidays. She had started work at the Piggly Wiggly when his sister Sandy started college to help supplement the family income.

Emmy Johnson was living with Frank’s parents since her father threw her out of their home, something he never would have done if her mother was still alive. She had gotten pregnant and even followed the baby’s father to Woodstock, but he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. Though she had miscarried, her father still would not let her return home. Emmy worked at the Piggly Wiggly with Frank’s mom. Though she hated to feel dependent on anyone, the Smith family did not make her feel like a charity case. She had wanted the baby that she lost; someone who would love her unconditionally for the rest of her life.

Arriving in Legend, he passed all the old familiar places and felt nostalgic. Turning into the driveway, he noticed the lights were out, so rather than wake everyone up, he snuck into the house and went to his bedroom. However, he was in for a surprise; there was a nude blonde sleeping in his bed. Seeing him, she screamed, waking the whole household. Eventually everyone had settled down again. But he was entranced. Coming home may not be so bad after all. Will this Christmas hold something special in store for Frank and Emmy?

A wonderfully heartwarming story, NOT QUITE CHRISTMAS is an emotion-packed historical romance of the Sixties. Set on the last Christmas of the Sixties, two strangers, who have little in common, other than a heartbroken past, find love and happiness when their worlds collide. Beautifully infused with tender romance, complex and compelling characters, an entertaining plot, witty repartee, plenty of love and a delightful ending, this novella is one that readers will hate to see end. I highly recommend NOT QUITE CHRISTMAS to anyone looking for a great story for Christmas or the whole year through.


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