Not Quite Vanilla
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 16, 2010 - 10:10:56 AM

Confectionary shop owner Francine ‘Fran’ Hartley maintains an iron clad control over everything in her life.  Unfortunately her profit margin is decreasing and her mind is consumed with images of her business manager Mitch wearing little more than a chef’s apron – and maybe drizzled in chocolate.  Of course, as sensible as she is Francine would never mix business with pleasure and risk losing him altogether. 

Mitchell ‘Mitch’ Stallworth loves working with Fran despite her need to always be in control but he wants more.  He’d really like for Fran to accept him as her business partner but he’d like to have her as his lover even more.  So far she’s steadily ignored every single flirtatious maneuver he’s made but it looks like his luck just might be changing.    


Fran has thus far managed to keep her lust for Mitch under wraps but with her friend and resident sexpert Jule’s sex seminar taking place in the showroom of Creative Confections it’s become decidedly more difficult to maintain her demeanor.  Mitch’s aware of Fran’s heated scrutiny but isn’t quite sure how to entice her to act on her feelings.  A phone call from his cousin who’s in possession of the business laptop trying to fix a virus issue provides just the answer he needs – courtesy of an erotic download.  Troy is well aware of Mitch’s interest in Fran and he takes great pleasure in divulging her interest in the kinkier side of sex – handcuffs, spankings and domination.  Now all he has to do is figure out how to use his newfound knowledge to his benefit.  Fortunately Jule’s new business venture ‘Bound and Begging’ involves Mitch and Fran coming up with something sexy and edible to possibly include in the kits, it also gives Mitch the perfect excuse to get far more personal with his uptight and tightly controlled boss.  Chocolate’s long been considered an aphrodisiac but Mitch takes it to a whole new level with his shockingly sexy creations. 


M. A. Ellis could certainly melt chocolate with her newest release NOT QUITE VANILLA.  Combine an intense physical attraction and a little sexual domination with some naughty chocolate creations and you have the makings of a storyline that will have readers begging for more.   While the sex scenes are definitely hot, it’s the build up and foreplay that had me tingling all over.  I found it very easy to relate to Fran and her controlling ways but loved how well Mitch understands her and his willingness to give her exactly what she needs – even if she’s not ready to admit to those secret needs or desires.  This story is fast paced, smoldering hot, and a blast to read with a delightful cast of characters who instill just the right amount of humor and naughtiness to the plot.  Very well written and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of Ms. Ellis’s titles in the future.


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