Not Quite a Bride

Author: Kirsten Sawyer

Publisher: Kensington Books

Release Date: January 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Molly Harrigan has just turned thirty and her world is falling apart. Her younger (married!) sister is pregnant, and Molly’s best friend Brad has just announced his engagement to the odious Claire. Molly is a romantic at heart and hates the fact that she has not found her own Mr. Right yet. In her mind she has been planning her wedding for years and knowing the wedding fund her grandmother left her is just waiting to be used spurs Molly to do something she knows is a tad insane. Molly hires a fake-fiancé. Justin is witty, handsome, social, and lots of fun. He also happens to be gay and Molly has to pay him to go on dates with her, to meet her family and in general do all the things a real boyfriend does.

Molly’s family loves Justin. Best bud Brad cannot stand him, and Molly is just enjoying the happiness of being the bride-to-be instead of the bridesmaid. But as wedding preparations continue, she starts to find the shine rubbing off her title. As she learns, wedding planning is not quite the same without a loved one by your side sharing in the joys and the difficulties. Is there any way Molly can still meet Mr. Right, even as she is planning her sham wedding?


In her first person narrative, Kirsten Sawyer takes an unlikely and somewhat selfish storyline and turns it into a heartwarming and laugh-out-loud funny story of the desperation, longing and love that make up being “the bride.” Molly is a down-to-earth and caring individual so it was really amusing and poignant watching her become a bride and dealing with all those pressures. She had her moments of doubt but she also believed wholeheartedly in the charade. There are definite moments of selfishness in this book, but then, what bride is not selfish at times? Instead of making those moments something to drive readers away from the story, Ms. Sawyer used those moments to show how Molly was dealing with the hardships of her own idea. Add in Justin, a truly kind and devilish character, Molly’s zany family, and the jealous Brad and NOT QUITE A BRIDE is the kind of fresh and innovative story that does not come along too often. There are certainly some silly bridal antics involved, but those moments provide plenty of impetus for Molly to better understand herself and the life she is constructing. NOT QUITE A BRIDE is surely a crowd-pleaser with its entertaining storyline and vivacious and full-bodied characters. Vibrant storytelling makes this story a winner.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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