Not Quite a Mom
By Sarah W
Feb 4, 2008 - 1:54:39 PM

Elizabeth Castle knows her life is on track, finally! Her boyfriend, Daniel, proposes and Elizabeth eagerly accepts. She has a job on a daytime talk show called The Renee Foster Show!, she is moving in with her fiancé, and she owns the BMW she has always dreamed of. Elizabeth is on top but unfortunately, she is about to come crashing down when she discovers that she is now the guardian of fifteen-year-old Tiffany Dearbourne, the daughter of her high school best friend who Elizabeth has not talked to in years. Things get worse when Dan discovers that Elizabeth is now a guardian of a teenager, and he dumps her.

Buck Platner has pined for Lizzie Castle since he was a senior in high school and he took her to the prom. Unfortunately, they only had the one date, but since then, Buck has held up every woman he meets to Lizzie, and most of them cannot compare. Buck, now a lawyer, gets the job of calling Lizzie and letting her know she is now Tiffany's guardian. He is ecstatic to put it mildly, even as he feels bad that Tiffany lost her mother. Finally, a chance to get to know Lizzie again.


But Lizzie is not quite how he remembers her. As she adjusts to the Tiffany situation, Elizabeth must figure out how to get her life back in order, and decide if Dan is really the man she wants, or if Buck Platner, a man from her small hometown of Victory, is the knight in shining armor she has been hoping for all her life.


Kirsten Sawyer creates a likable heroine in Elizabeth Castle. She wants to be the uber-put together it girl, but unfortunately, that is just not happening. What is happening for Lizzie are some exciting life changes, if only she would not fear what has ended. Lizzie will do anything to get Dan back and I laughed at some of the antics she tried while at the same time, feeling bad for her, especially when there was an even better guy staring her in the face. Though I wished the development of Elizabeth and Tiffany's relationship had had a bit more time in the book, I still thoroughly enjoyed seeing them learn to interact and understand each other better. Tiffany's obsession with finding celebrities in LA was particularly amusing.


And then there is Buck, a total sweetheart. He is intelligent, gets tongue-tied around Elizabeth, and wants to help Tiffany in any way he can. He is a true blue winner through and through. The development of the Elizabeth and Buck's friendship was both amusing and kind of heart wrenching, at least on Buck's part. These two had to go through quite a bit to find their happily-ever-after, but I know they will cherish it all the more because of the hardships.


Elizabeth Castle may not be a mom but she certainly tries hard to be a better person in Kirsten Sawyer's NOT QUITE A MOM. The whims of fate and the love we have always longed for has never been quite so engaging or entertaining.

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