Not That Kind of Girl
By Sarah W
Jan 31, 2011 - 9:59:06 AM

Roxie Bloom is not a happy woman. She has had it up to her eyeballs with bad men and her website,, is an ode to the troubles of brokenhearted women everywhere. But somehow, ranting about her broken relationship with an older attorney is not making Roxie feel any better. She has Lilith, her beloved dog, but Lilith is as unhappy as her owner. When the worst happens, and Lilith attacks Roxie’s ex-lover, her life falls apart even more. There is only one man she can call on and that is Eli Gallagher, a legendary dog whisperer. If Eli cannot help Roxie and Lilith then Lilith faces being put down, a fate Roxie cannot live with.

Eli loves dogs and he just wants to help Roxie and Lilith. He can tell Roxie is in pain and while he is certainly attracted to her, more than anything he knows she needs a friend right now. So, they work together to help Lilith. As Lilith heals, Roxie and Eli grow closer. But will it be enough to help cure Roxie of her distrust and anger with men?

NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL is easily my favorite in Susan Donovan’s dog walking friends’ series. Roxie has several deep issues going on and it was definitely very difficult for her to open up but Lilith became a great vehicle for Roxie to express her own emotions. I truly loved seeing these two heal together, with Eli’s help, and on their own. Susan Donovan really impressed me with the research that went into dog training in this book. It did not bog down the story at all, rather, it helped show Eli’s skill as a dog whisperer. Susan Donovan opens the door to healing for all three of these characters as the story progresses. I felt Roxie’s change from angry and distrustful to content and vulnerable was both honest and well done because it went in stages and definitely did not happen overnight. I love dog stories in general so I was very pleased to see Lilith get her own slice of doggy bliss in this book also.

NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL is a great end to this series. The past characters make plenty of appearances but their storylines do not hinder Roxie and Eli’s. You may just be curious enough to pick up the earlier books though. Refreshing and open, NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL is a story straight from the heart.

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