Not Your Everyday Housewife

Author: Mary Campisi


Release Date: April 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Cyn Cintar is like many mothers entering middle age. Her daughters take her for granted--even walk all over her--and her husband is clueless about what a 40-something year-old woman wants or needs. She keeps going on faith that she's doing the best she can, that her children are only as selfishly self-centered as all teens and that her husband truly loves her even though he gifts her with an electric mixer for her 44th birthday instead of something frivolously wonderful. Oh, and chocolate cake helps, along with knowing her two best friends have her back, no matter what. Another factor that motivates her to do everything she can selflessly for her family is the guilt she carries over a secret, something she did months before that she's petrified to tell her husband. She fears he'll never understand or forgive her.

Wealthy Derry Rohan, fashion plate and whirlwind rolled into one, is the action figure of the three. When she conceives a plan of action she follows through--and woe be to anyone in her path. Right now her plan is to make her husband feel her wrath, and she's carrying it out to perfection. When she and Alec couldn't have a child of their own, they adopted darling Charlie. Now, years later, Derry discovers that Charlie is actually Alec's natural son. Maybe if he had told her she could have accepted the situation, but years of lies have her turning the cold shoulder to the man she loves and questioning whether she can continue to accept the little boy she adores.


Shea Donovan, a nurse and the poorest of the trio, supports her grown children who are crawling through their college years and a seemingly worthless husband who's in a slump due to the slow real estate market. Shea is pregnant, a factor she hopes will help save her faltering marriage, but all she really feels is tired of working double shifts to keep her family afloat. What else can she do? Everything rests on her shoulders.


What the three women need is a break from life, a "do over," as Derry terms it. She proposes they take a month-long trip during which any of them can talk out their own problems but none of the three can bring up the others' children, husbands, stress.


At first, Derry can't convince either of the other two to get away. Cyn worries if her family can possibly make it without her. Shea wonders how she'll be able to take off from work--and she worries about leaving her husband behind alone. Even Derry has one or two doubts. She's been sleeping in the spare room, but one night before she leaves she lures her husband into bed, just to show him what he's losing with his lies. Then she's ready to find a place far away to put her restless thoughts and emotions in some kind of order.


When Cyn finds herself in a battle of wills with her older daughter over a school trip to Spain, her proverbial straw is broken over the camel's back. Shea shares the news with her husband about her pregnancy and learns he wants nothing at all to do with a baby.


Suddenly, all three women are ready and willing to set off on a month-long, soul-searching escape from reality. Will they return happy or depressed, ready to work at their marriages or filing for divorce, making changes or falling into old patterns?


For a glimpse into how every woman over 40 has felt at some point, I urge you to read NOT YOUR EVERYDAY HOUSEWIFE. I chuckled all the way through and nodded in agreement more times than I wanted to. The characters are real, the writing is engaging and the story is engrossing from beginning to end. I want to start a new movement. None of us should ever again be an "everyday housewife"!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kris Jones

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