Not the One

Author: Deirdre Savoy

Publisher: Kimani Press

Release Date: November 1, 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Nina is babysitting her brother’s four rug rats when Dr. Matthew Peterson makes the first house call of his career, to take care of baby Justin. Nina’s cousin Yasmin was suppose to help her baby-sit, but instead chose to go to a party with firemen who had posed for a calendar.  Yasmin is twenty-two and is the owner of one of the fastest growing couture businesses in
New York.

Yasmin convinces Nina to go to a party and Nina only accepted because Yasmin gave her a wonderful dress to wear.  Nina definitely did not want to be at this upper crust party where the seventy-three year old hostess, Mrs. Peter Hairston, wanted to introduce Nina to her almost forty year old son.  What was wrong with this man that his mother had to snag introductions for him?


“Dr. Frumpy is here” Yasmin told Nina.  Dr. Frumpy is the name that was given to Matthew Peterson, when Nina’s niece, Emily, was in the hospital.  Nina definitely would not have come to this party if she knew Matthew was going to be there. Nina kept looking at the back of a man who looked oddly familiar, and when he turned, she discovered it was Matthew.  Nina went into the library to get her head together before leaving the party. Matt followed her into the library and offered to take her home.  When they got outside, Matt led her to a stretch limousine.


Matthew Peterson needs to be married by his fortieth birthday to get an inheritance from his great-aunt’s will. He has no intention of inheriting this money, and his sister Francesca (Frankie) is the only one who understands him. Matthew grew up rich, but is now living a simple life.  What is the secret that Matthew is hiding?  Will Nina still want to see Matthew after he reveals his secret?


NOT THE ONE was an absolute joy to read because I actually rooted for the rich man. There was sexual tension that was well satisfied. I look forward to reading and reviewing anything that Deirdre Savoy writes.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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