Nothing Personal
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2005 - 2:05:00 PM

Carla is a thirty-five-year-old hairstylist. She does enjoy her job - it supports her shopping habit, but lately she's been restless and wanting something more out of life. She'd always imagined herself as having a husband and babies by now. Instead, she's alone with fantasies about her best friend, Alice's little brother, Leo, who's ten years younger than her. She used to help Alice babysit him. There must be something depraved in just thinking about him.

Leo has been in love with Carla for as long as he can remember. Sure, it had started out as a childish crush but it has just gotten stronger as he's grown older. Now living right down the hall from her at their apartment complex, he borders on obsession. It wasn't until he ran into her in the laundry room and removed his shirt to wash it that he saw the spark of interest in her eyes. Now, he just needs to get Carla to see him as an adult instead of a thirteen-year-old kid.


Carla has never thought of Leo in any kind of sexual terms until the Friday evening they ended up both in the laundry room and Leo removed his shirt to throw in with his wash. He's ten years younger than she is, and the brother of her best friend, it's definitely not a good idea to start fantasizing about Leo, but all of a sudden all of her fantasies revolve around his young body. Leo, meanwhile is thrilled, he'd seen the look on her face as she ogled him, and she hadn't been able to hide her reaction when he started to entice her. While Leo's planning his seduction, Carla is pondering her raging hormones over an entire pint of ice cream. The following day, while working off that pint of ice cream at the gym, Carla decides that she needs a man, definitely not Leo, to help her get over her desire for Leo. Picking one of the personal trainers who'd shown interest in her at one point, she asks him out for coffee. While on her date with Steve, she realizes that he not only has kids, but he's already raised them, he's not going to be interested in starting over with her.


Once again, she finds herself back at square one with Leo firmly playing the male role in her fantasies. Leo steps up his seduction when he happens to catch her coming home with a headache and she stumbles into him, he offers her his mom's chicken soup and then a promised cure for her headache. Now, Carla has her mind full of erotic images, and she's served a bowl of hot soup, gets a foot message to help her unwind, along with a couple of Ibuprofen. Uncomfortably aware of him, Carla starts to leave Leo's apartment, afraid she'd misinterpreted his signals when he stops her and kisses her senseless before sending her back to her own apartment with her body humming. Leo's playing for keeps, Cara's thinking a temporary fling but secretly desires permanence. Will she find everything she always wanted in Leo?

NOTHING PERSONAL is a charmingly funny romance involving two characters who basically grew up knowing each other. Leo knew from an early age that Carla is the one for him, but everyone chalked it up to simply being smitten with his sister's friend. Carla is fixated on their age difference and so when she finally caves in to him, wants to keep their relationship a secret from his family, including his sister. Full of characters you can associate with and realistic events, Elisa Adams' NOTHING PERSONAL is the perfect lighthearted book to lose yourself in for awhile.

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