Nothing but Trouble
By jhayboy
Oct 2, 2008 - 11:16:42 AM

“I want you to spend the night with me. I’ll pay you ten thousand dollars.”


Those were not the words Adrian Scott expected to hear when he is called into the office of the owner of the casino where he works. Although he has always been attracted to the man, and despite the fact that he has a girlfriend and is definitely out of his league, he genuinely did not think the boss played with the boys as well.

Graham Elliott, owner of the Graham’s Aces casino, has one secret, and that’s his attraction to men. He hides it so well that not even the men he eventually approaches are aware he is into men. When he makes a proposition to one of the casino staff, the last thing he expects is for trouble to follow in his wake.


When Graham does what he normally does and propositions Adrian for a set amount of nights for an agreed amount of money, it all sounds tawdry and tasteless. However, the author has humanized Graham with his care and respect for Adrian’s situation so that you easily forgive him for how he starts the relationship.


Adrian is consistent in his values and true to his sexuality, irrespective of how he goes about dealing with life's challenges and changes. He is a character you can’t help loving and genuinely wish the best for.


NOTHING BUT TROUBLE is a great outing by Jamie Hill; the wealth of emotions that is condensed in this short story definitely highlights this author as a superb storyteller.

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