Nowhere Man
By jhayboy
Sep 1, 2008 - 9:46:30 AM

When student Bobby Kendrick went in search of his literary idol, he had no idea what to expect. His only goal was to find out more about his hero than the blurb on the back of his books, and single minded; he barged his way through his door. What he found was a man who wants nothing to do with him and life in general. 

Author Dr. Parley Taylor is hiding from the world, and living just on the edge of society, just for the sake of living. Parley has a shock when a fan not only tracks him to his off the beaten track home, but handcuffs them together. He has cut himself off from so much and convinced himself that he has nothing else left to offer society. When a fan come calling he tries his level best to resist the attraction that he feels for him and get rid of him.


Can an unforgettable night jolt Parley out of hiding and make him realise that he has so much more to offer society? and can Kenneth accept that he has tried his best and realise that he needs to get on with his life?


A great read from Jamie Craig, the school boy meets the reclusive has so many layers.  It takes a hero worshiping fan to get Parley out of his funk and accept that life is still there for living, when he is so disillusioned by the lengths that fans will go through to get close to him.


Bobby’s determination is an admirable thing to watch, while Parley’s insistence on staying in his own little world that he has created for himself, leave you hoping that Bobby has made a lasting difference to Parley’s world.

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