By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 23, 2012 - 10:19:12 AM

Crystal’s plans for a happily ever after with Brent are shattered when she’s left at the altar.  She doesn’t know why he didn’t show up but she isn’t entirely sure it isn’t a good thing.  You see, she has strong feelings for Brent’s best friend, Evan, and he’s admitted to being in love with her.  That doesn’t mean she doesn’t still love Brent and fully intend to go through with the wedding – only when he doesn’t show that sets the stage for her to explore her desires and discover what exactly she really wants in life and love.  


Brent isn’t entirely secure in his relationship with Crystal.  Oh, he knows that she’s agreed to marry him and professes to love him but deep inside he’s afraid he’ll lose her.  That’s why when he spies Crystal and Evan sharing a kiss just hours before the wedding he makes the decision to disappear.  He doesn’t really intend to hurt Crystal but knows going through with the wedding under these circumstances would be a mistake.


It wasn’t easy for Evan to decide to tell Crystal that he loves her.  It’s a huge risk that could result in him losing his best friend and the woman he’s come to love but he also knows if he doesn’t take the chance he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.  He’s not entirely sure what he expects to happen since its Brent and Crystal’s wedding day but she does let him know that despite their feelings she does intend to go through with the wedding. 


Thanks to Brent’s decision to disappear before the wedding Evan and Crystal get an unexpected opportunity to explore their feelings.  Renee, Crystal’s sister, encourages her to take the honeymoon trip but take Evan since Brent turned out to be a ‘rat fink’ and abandoned her.  Just when Evan starts to think he actually has a chance with Crystal Brent shows up and wants her to choose between them.  Only for Crystal choosing between Brent and Evan is impossible but with a little encouragement from a newfound friend, Sarah, she devises an alternate option – at least for the course of the time they’re together in paradise.   As it turns out this whole situation couldn’t be more perfect – for all of them.


INSATIABLE by Opal Carew is a sinful delight that will enchant readers with looking to embark on an emotional roller coaster.  While I felt bad for Crystal, Brent and Evan following the whole wedding fiasco I found the relationship between them to be completely captivating and deliciously naughty.  Emotionally there’s no doubt that there’s genuine love between the men and Crystal but the surprise comes in the unexpected twist to the relationship between Evan and Brent.  And let’s not forget Sarah’s influence on this trio.  INSATIABLE is an erotic reader’s delight that doesn’t skimp on the emotional impact romance lovers adore.  It’s the best of both worlds.


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