Red Hot Fantasies, Volume 1 – The Male Stripper
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 21, 2012 - 5:24:27 AM

A bachelorette party proves to be the perfect setting to lose your inhibitions and confess (at least to your best girlfriends) those erotic sexual fantasies you’d never say out loud – on the grounds that they could potentially incriminate you.  What if you had the chance to bring those fantasies to life?  Would you do it?  Are you brave enough?

Becca’s fantasy might not be as outlandish as her friends, Jan, Sylvia and Kalie, but to her it’s just as improbable.  All she wants is the sexy stripper she hired to perform at Celia’s bachelorette party.  She’s fantasized about him since she met him and those erotic fantasies show no signs of slowing down.  Her friends good-naturedly encourage her to ‘go for it’ but doing so is very intimidating and she chickens out.


As luck would have it she forgets to sign the check for Cal’s performance and he returns to her home later that evening.  Becca decides not to let this opportunity pass her by and makes her move – only to learn that he has his room-mate waiting for him in the car.  Rather than deny herself the opportunity to live out her fantasy she decides to modify it just a bit.  All her friends’ fantasies involve more than one man and she’d be crazy to pretend that the idea of being with two equally hot strippers doesn’t trigger a tingle in her lower regions…


Opal Carew kicks off her RED HOT FANTASIES series with a story that brings a naughty smile to your face and leaves you eagerly anticipating the next title in the series.  I loved the closeness Becca and her friends seem to share and really adored how they encouraged her to pursue her fantasy.  Cal may be good looking but he’s not stuck up and that definitely makes him very appealing.  Throw in his friend and I have to admit, I’d jump all over that scenario – at least for one evening.   THE MALE STRIPPER isn’t very long but it’s a lot of fun to read and had me paying a visit to Ms. Carew’s website in search of more erotic reads.


The second title in this series, THE STRANGER, is already available so be sure to pick up a copy of that one as well.  Every girl deserves to live out her fantasy at least once and I can hardly wait to read about Jan, Sylvia and Kalie’s experiences.

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