Red Hot Fantasies, Volume 2 – The Stranger
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 21, 2012 - 5:28:24 AM

Jan’s deep, dark sexual fantasy involves an anonymous stranger, she’ll be blindfolded so she’ll never see his face and won’t know his name.   Realistically she knows that will never happen because it would be impossible to arrange safely.  What she doesn’t expect is for Becca, one of the friends she shared her fantasy with, to actually devise a way to make it a reality. 


Jan’s extreme shyness makes meeting and talking to men almost impossible, that’s why the stranger fantasy is so appealing to her.  She’s not talking a one night stand either.  She wants complete anonymity which means she never sees the man at all – she’ll be blindfolded.  Jan wants to focus on just the sex without worrying about all the drama that goes along with forming a relationship.  Becca’s offer to arrange her fantasy is too tempting and by the Friday ‘date’ she’s made up her mind to go for it. 


 Jan arrives at Becca’s house with more than a few trepidations about what she’s about to do but she knows she’ll never have an opportunity like this again.  The surprise for the evening comes when Becca shows her the clothes that she’ll wear.  It seems Jan’s stranger has a few fantasies of his own that coincide with hers.


By the time the stranger arrives for his ‘date’ with Jan she’s blindfolded, restrained, and very eager for the evening’s activities to begin – and he certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Will reality live up to her fantasies though?  What about after the fantasy is over – will she regret not having the option to ‘see’ her stranger again?


THE STRANGER is the second title in Opal Carew’s RED HOT FANTASIES series and the perfect follow up to THE MALE STRIPPER.  I love how Becca goes about fulfilling Jan’s fantasy while still ensuring Jan’s safety which would otherwise be an extremely dangerous situation.   While the premise of the story is simply Jan living out her erotic fantasy there’s an undercurrent that gives the reader the idea that something more could develop if Jan is just brave enough to ask Becca for details on her stranger.


With each new release to this series it appears that Ms. Carew will be building on the storyline revealed in the first title so I’m definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the titles in this series.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

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