His to Command #5: The Submission

Author: Opal Carew

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Release Date: January 29, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Even after coming to terms with Ileana’s lies and deceptions which ripped apart the relationship Kate and Matt shared Kate can’t help but feel sick that the other woman’s maneuvering actually worked.  Now in addition to knowing about the betrayal, Kate’s learned that Matt had actually proposed to Ileana after Kate disappeared from his life.  What’s worse, Ileana has pictures of them together shopping for a ring. 

Matt admitted to a short romantic relationship with Ileana but claimed it was never anything serious – and he broke it off several months ago.  If it wasn’t serious than why did he propose to Ileana and while Ileana isn’t above rubbing Kate’s nose in the whole sordid affair and says she doesn’t want Matt back, she does want the ring she returned to him. 


Meanwhile Matt is completely oblivious to the doubts Ileana has put into Kate’s heads and he’s thoroughly enjoying the time he spends with Kate teaching her all about being a good submissive.  She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a lover, sub and friend.  Matt refuses to consider their relationship on a permanent basis and there’s the evidence of a wedding proposal, to another woman, staring her in the face, what is she going to do now?  Kate has to admit that the only thing that scares her more than her own submissive nature is a future without Matt.


Opal Carew’s THE SUBMISSION really hits all the hot buttons.  Anger, lust, love, betrayal and scorching sex blend together in a story that keeps the reader eagerly turning pages just waiting for the proverbal explosion.  While Matt and Kate are infinitely loveable characters and make you want to believe a happy future is a possibility, Ileana is the perfect villain.  You can just envision her in spiky heels with a snide smirk on her perfectly made up face.  I dislike her intensely (obviously, right?) but then again that’s the whole point.  If it wasn’t for people like Ileana we might not be able to see the value in genuinely good people like Kate and Matt.  THE SUBMISSION is the fifth story in Opal Carew’s HIS TO COMMAND serial novel.  If you haven’t done so already I’d suggest picking up copies of the other titles as well and reading them as well. 


HIS TO COMMAND is a series of stories that build on each other so for your convenience, here’s a list of the titles in order:







By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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