By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 2, 2011 - 10:35:37 AM

Lori’s only seen her dream stranger a few times from a distance and she’s never actually talked to him but the one time they made eye contact there’d been a sizzling connection which has fueled her erotic fantasies.  Before she can work up the nerve to approach him she receives an email from her best friend who’s on a singles tour in Costa Rica informing her that Marie has met ‘the one’ and is getting married.  As startling as that revelation is, what’s more astonishing to Lori is the picture attached to the email.  Her mystery stranger is marrying her best friend.

Lori avoids spending times with Marie and her new husband for awhile but eventually Marie forces her into agreeing to spend the weekend with them at the family cottage. She’s run out of excuses to avoid them, after all, she can’t exactly say “sorry Marie, but I’m in lust with your husband,” now can she?


Drake is conspicuously absent when Lori arrives so that the women would have time to spend together without his interference.  The following morning though Lori wakes up to discover that Marie has gone out for groceries and won’t be back for a few hours.  It’s the perfect opportunity for Lori to enjoy the sun and get a tan but she’s more than a little surprised when her foray into the sun winds up becoming the most erotic experience of her life. 


Lori’s sun time is interrupted by her fantasy stranger who makes no apologies for his rampant desire for her.  It’s not like he can hide it in the tiny swim shorts he’s wearing.  Convinced that this man is married to her best friend, Lori’s more than a little concerned about being alone with him – especially since she can’t hide her own desire for him.  He’s fairly quick to reassure her that he’s Craig, Drake’s identical sibling. 


There’s no reason to hold back the passion brewing between them and Craig and Lori indulge in their desire for each other but if Lori thought that her fantasies would end with just Craig then she’s in for a surprise because they’re interrupted twice and with each interruption brings a whole new level of fantasy to the sexual encounter.  Will Lori’s fantasies be everything she hoped for or will it be something she comes to regret – and can love and happily-ever-after be part and parcel of the erotic acts she’s experienced?


THREE is more of an erotic adventure than a hearts and flowers romance but it definitely brings the heat and is an enjoyable way to spend an hour or so.  If you’ve ever seen some gorgeous stranger who’s aroused fantasies and desires that you might have thought long dead then this is a story you will be able to appreciate – especially if those fantasies go beyond what’s considered ‘socially acceptable.’  The sex scenes are frequent and scorching but what I particularly enjoyed about this story is the genuine friendly affection displayed between all the characters.  With THREE, Opal Carew dares to push the envelope with a story that will leave readers just a little bit envious of Lori’s bravado – even if they’d never admit it.


WARNING: If you’re looking for a tame love story then this one probably isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for something that might melt your circuit breakers then proceed at your own caution.    

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