O'Malley Wild: Honoring Sean
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2005 - 6:15:00 AM

Honor Rollings has returned to the Texas town where she'd lived for two years with her aunt before she felt decided to move on. Honor finds it impossible to form lasting relationships. Moving frequently ensures that she can keep people at an emotional distance thus protecting her heart. Within minutes of starting her job at the pub, her employer, Sean O'Malley informs her that she belongs to him. Honor's determined to show the brute of a man that she belongs to no one, least of all him. He has no right staking a claim on her.

Sean O'Malley instinctively knew within minutes of seeing Honor Rollings for the first time that she belongs to him, and he informed her of that fact. His Little Darlin' can fight him all she wants, but she is his. Besides, her disobedient behavior is only making his hands itch to paddle her behind.

Honor was devastated and blames herself for the deaths of both her parents in a car accident on her sixteenth birthday. Drinking herself into a stupor is the only way she can get through her birthday each year. Having Sean boldly informs her that she belongs to him, and it is as scary as it is arousing. She may be attracted to him but belonging to him would mean revealing her pain over her parents deaths as well as finally putting down roots and staying in one place. Would Sean be disgusted with her and blame her for the death of her parents as well? Sean is amused by Honor' s antics. The Little Darlin' actually has the nerve to stand up to him. Finally having pushed too far, Sean gives Honor the spanking she's practically been begging for, and she discovers a whole other side to herself she has been denying. The eroticism of taming her is a joy he relishes. If only he could get her to share what's bothering her maybe he could help.

After experiencing a horrible loss in my own life recently I can fully understand what Honor is putting herself through. Sean is the ideal man to help get her through the depression associated with such a loss. He's a big bear of a man not afraid of a woman's tears and more than willing to listen to her pour her heart out. I loved the way Honor would tease Sean, and even though he knew what she was doing, he let her get away with it. After all, she's been warned. HONORING SEAN is a wonderfully heart-touching story. It had the perfect blend of romance, erotica, and humanity. This book definitely has a permanent place in my ebook file. The O'Malley Wild series has been a true pleasure to read, and I'm looking forward to Hayden O'Malley and Austin Calhoun's story in the future.

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