O'Malley Wild: Tying the Knot
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 1, 2005 - 9:03:00 AM

The O’Malley brothers, Hayden, Sean, and Zane are very much in love with the various women of their hearts and are about to embark on a triple wedding ceremony. Their father, Collin, has agreed to the women’s request to give the three of them away in the ceremony, making the ceremony even more special to all of them. Now keeping the three dominate men away from their prospective brides is sure to be a challenge Collin relishes.

The women of the O’Malley’s hearts are Austin, Honor, and Serena. They are all as different as could be and yet they’ve formed a bond between them. Together, they all move to a motel in town for a few days before the wedding to prepare, leaving their men only a short note to that effect.

 Now it’s time for the wedding and Collin is honored with the challenge of keeping each of his sons’ away from the brides to be until the wedding. Collin is busy attempting to get his tie tied right and wishing he had gotten a clip on instead. Knowing he’ll have to find somebody to tie it for him, and having no idea who he’ll come across. The boys have attempted sneaking into the rooms where their wives are dressing. He caught Zane attempting to sneak into Serena’s room with a wedding gift. Since he insists that she gets the gift only from him, straight from his hand, he’s forced to wait until after the wedding. Austin, the Hellion, who is to marry Hayden, is ranting and raving about the cast and the shoe she has to wear due to her broken leg, as well as complaining about Hayden’s refusal to listen to her about a honeymoon. Sean actually manages to get into Honor’s room and has her penned against an armoire with his body when Collin interrupts by knocking on the door. Finally, with his tie tied, Collin sets off to send his son’s off into the yard for the wedding. When the three women appear in their dresses as various as their personalities, Collin felt a sense of pride that his sons chose such beautiful women for wives. Being the dominant men they are and having been several days without their women, the O’Malley brothers carry their new wives away from their own reception after only one dance. They are determined to start the honeymoons as soon as possible. After all, the honeymoon is where the real fun begins.

 As a devoted reader of the O’Malley Wild series, I’m sorry to see it end. The characters will however live on in my mind and I know I’ll read each of the stories over and over. TYING THE KNOT is the perfect ending to the series and I loved having the opportunity to get to Þpeek’ in on the couples during their honeymoons. The characters personalities shine through the pages in a beautiful tribute to their tales that we loved so very much! You’ll definitely want to read the other books in the O’Malley series to get the full effect of these alpha men.

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