O'Reilly's Bride
By Dina Smith
Dec 6, 2006 - 9:59:00 AM

Sean O’Reilly and Maggie Sullivan are more than just work colleague’s, they are friends as well. Sean’s feelings have grown much stronger than just friends for Maggie and he thought that she was having those same feelings about him. Then all of a sudden Maggie’s attitude toward him begins to change and she starts to back-off and push Sean away.

Maggie is determined to hold her feelings for Sean inside rather than reveal her secret. Maggie decides the best way to get over Sean and move on with her life is to start dating again, so she joins an internet dating service. The problem is Maggie compares every guy she goes out with to Sean and they all end up falling short.

Sean doesn’t understand why Maggie is trying to push him away all of a sudden but he is determined to find out. Sean joins the same dating service as Maggie and begins an internet seduction that she won’t be able to resist, at least he hopes! Meanwhile Sean is having a hard time facing his own demons from the past. Can Sean convince Maggie that their love has the power to heal his nightmares and make all his dreams come true? Will Maggie finally push Sean away for good?

O’REILLY’S BRIDE by Trish Wylie is a heart-warming romance that left me feeling completely satisfied at the end. Sean is a sexy hero who I could not help but admire for his determination and loyalty to Maggie. While Maggie was a sensitive, caring heroin that you can’t help but feel for. Trish Wylie has done an awesome job in creating a story that I think all romance fans will enjoy.

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