Object of Desire
By Lacey
Sep 1, 2007 - 8:22:38 AM

Sylvia Bradford can't get enough of her sexy neighbor, Dr. Nathanial Gowen. Having spent days watching him outside her window as he practices Tai Chi in the gardens below, she finally works up enough courage to talk to him.

Planning it all out, Sylvia decides to go to his flat and ask for a cup of sugar. But as she’s about to go out the door, none other than the doctor himself is standing on the other side, holding a coffee mug in his hand, pleading for the same request.


Sylvia didn’t expect this handsome man to show up on her doorstep asking the same clichéd neighborly question. With his charming, sexy smile she decidedly wondered, who was she to turn him away?


With a sexy premise and enjoyable characters, Portia da Costa created a wonderful, highly erotic tale. The story captivates the reader from beginning to end, enveloping them in a world of possible fantasies becoming reality. OBJECT OF DESIRE is a fun, fast read that had me smiling and sighing the entire time. I look forward to reading Ms. Da Costa’s future works.


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