Obsessing Orlando
By Sarah W
Nov 15, 2005 - 10:59:00 AM

Jenna may have just turned fourteen, but that doesn't stop her from obsessing over her favorite celebrity, Orlando Bloom. However, when her mother redecorates her room, removing all her posters of the famed star, it's only the beginning of the changes in store for Jenna. Her freshmen year of high school brings about some startling new changes in her life, most noticeably new guy Will. He's shy, he's cute, and he just happens to be a new player on the football team, making him a rival against Jenna's older brother Justin. Justin hates Will but Jenna is starting to develop some serious feelings for him.

Added to all her boy stress is the new pressures from being part of the varsity volleyball squad. It's a great honor, but is Jenna up to the challenge? When an embarrassing moment on the court leads to a new nickname at school, Jenna can't help but wonder if it just better to continue to obsess about Orlando. At least he wouldn't tease her. New feelings, new thoughts, and of course, homework and parental pressures all add up to a very confused Jenna.


OBSESSING ORLANDO is perfect for any teenager in today's high celebrity profile world. As Jenna experiences the combination of her dreams of marrying Orlando, against the reality of falling for nice guy Will, she comes to learn that real life can oftentimes be just as exciting as any movie. Sure, there may not be any elves or hobbits, but cute football players are definitely in a field of their own. Kassy Tayler pens a sweet story of a girl just starting to realize that real life can hold more challenges, changes, and embarrassing situations than any imaginary dream or movie can. There is a definite growth and maturity in Jenna's character, but not so much that it changes her from a teenager into a woman. She's still definitely a teenager by the end of the story, just perhaps a teen with a new maturity on life. All in all, fans of YA stories won't be disappointed by OBSESSING ORLANDO.

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