The Plus One Chronicles, book 3 - Obsession
By Dottie
Oct 16, 2013 - 3:23:22 PM

Billionaire ex-UFC fighter Sloane Michaels was devastated when his twin sister Sara was raped and murdered. He has lived to avenge her and trained over the years just for this purpose. Now her killer, Lee Foster, is out of prison and Sloane has arranged a fight against him, but he is determined to make it Lee’s final fight. Additionally, Sloane is now taking care of Drake, a man who became his mentor when Sloane was only sixteen and is now dying of cancer. Drake is the father Sloane never had. Until Drake, the only love Sloane had ever known was that of his sister. Sloane even refused to date, instead making arrangements with women to serve as his Plus One when attending social events. Recently, he had made such an arrangement with bakery owner Kat, who is the first woman other than his sister to make her way into his heart. But will he lose her if he kills Lee Foster?

Kat Thayne is dealing with issues of her own. After being beaten with a bat by thugs while her previous fiancé stood by, Kat had barely survived. She had been left with a permanent limp, but she managed to rise above it and open her own bakery, Sugar Dancer. She is in love with Sloane, but fears what it will do to him if he gets the vengeance he seeks against Lee. She had even forced him to choose between them, and had walked away when Sloane was unable to give up his vendetta. But she could not stay away from him, nor could she leave behind Drake, who has become a very good friend, in his suffering. Unfortunately, Lee has discovered how much Kat means to Sloane and has targeted her.

Sloane does not want to lose Kat, but he fears that if he lets Lee live, the killer will do to Kat what he did to Sara. Will Sloane take the chance of losing Kat’s love by killing Lee, or risk her losing her life and betraying his sister’s memory if he lets him live?


Scorching hot, OBSESSION, the third novel in bestselling author Jennifer Lyon’s PLUS ONE CHRONICLES, is a touching, action-packed erotic romance. The chemistry between Sloane and Kat is so hot you almost expect to see smoke rising from the pages. Their love for each other is palpable and undergoes many tests, but they meet all challenges together. The ending is perfect, if somewhat heartbreaking. This beautifully written story brought me to tears a time or two, with even a few laugh­-out-loud moments thrown in. This series has definitely made me a Jennifer Lyon’s fan. If you are in the mood for a fast-paced, action-packed romance with loads of love and passion, do not miss OBSESSION or any of the books in the amazing PLUS ONE CHRONICLES!


I must include two words of warning though. First, to get the full story, you must read all three books, beginning with THE PROPOSITION, then POSSESSION and finally, OBSESSION. Secondly, this book is meant for a mature audience due to its graphic nature.

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