Oceans Apart
By Scarlet
Apr 1, 2008 - 12:44:32 PM

Airline Captain Conner Evans and his wife, Michelle had some rocky patches in their marriage, but they have come through those rough spots with a relationship that is stronger than ever.  Until a phone call comes from Hawaii.  A woman in his past, Kiahna Siefert, has died when her plane went down over the Pacific Ocean.  She has left behind a son Connor never knew he had.  Now he has a difficult choice to make, refuse the child and turn him over to the state or claim young Max as his own, a decision that could tear apart his marriage. 

OCEANS APART is a stirring tale of a secret affair and the consequences of that affair.    I made an emotional connection to the cast from the onset of the story though Max wormed his way into my heart right away.  Kingsbury puts the characters in sticky situations and the readers are witnesses to the journey toward making the correct decisions.  Secret affairs can have tragic consequences in the best of marriages and Connor and Michelle‚Äôs is tested again and again.  Kingsbury gives us characters that are real flesh and blood characters with their warts and all.  I was drawn into the story which is rich in detail and plenty of heart and was captured by the real life situation.  I enjoyed OCEANS APART and plan to buy copies for family and friends.


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