Office Relations

Author: Lia Sebastian

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Release Date: May 26,2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBook

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Sabrina Moore has worked with Peter Merrill for fourteen days and she was so horny she was ready to jump his bones. But Peter acted like he wanted to work, and only work, while Sabrina wanted more. She was tired of just looking at him and not being able to touch. Sabrina just wanted to leave and not make a fool of herself after a meeting with Peter. But Peter was waiting for her when she returned from the restroom
and things heated up in the boardroom. There was one problem; Sabrina was the daughter of the Big Boss. Could she convince Peter that they belong together? That it didn't matter that she was the Boss's daughter?


Peter Merrill worked with Sabrina Moore. He had to look at her every day and wanted her body. She was so beautiful and she was making him so horny. He wanted to take her to bed and make love to her all night. He found out that she was the Boss's daughter and everything changed. Peter thought she was just playing with him and he wanted nothing to do with her. But he couldn't get her off his mind after only one sexual encounter in the boardroom. Sabrina still made him hard and horny. Could they be together? He had to find out no matter what it took.

OFFICE RELATIONS is a very fast moving book. The sex and emotions are so real that you will not put the book down until you finish it. Lia Sebastian has written a keeper in this book. I was so moved by what Sabrina was going through that I was wishing it was me instead. This is a short book but it is filled with lots of emotions and powerful sex that will make you wish you were there. Congratulations Ms. Sebastian on such a great book. I will be looking forward to reading your next book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Moon Tee

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