Oh-So-Sensible Secretary
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 16, 2010 - 12:12:38 PM

Summer Curtis values professionalism above all else and expects the same from her co-workers and bosses.  Unfortunately her new boss doesn’t view promptness, neatness, and organization in general in quite the same light she does.  In fact, they couldn’t be more opposite if they tried.  Routine is extremely important to Summer only Phin seems to take great delight in pushing her beyond her comfort zone – especially once he discovers her secret doughnut fetish and begins using it to win her over to his more laid back ways.  Summer’s hope for a marriage proposal from Jonathon (in the PR department) isn’t going to happen she now realizes so she’s determined to earn enough money to buy her own flat. 

Phinneas Gibson is well known for his television series ‘Into the Wild’ – a reality based show that drops people in inhospitable areas and has them compete with a series of tasks.  In Summer’s opinion, it’s a completely ridiculous concept – after all, why bother when there are hotels and all sorts of other modern conveniences.  Phin isn’t a suit and tie type man but because of his father’s stroke he’s made the decision to attempt to take his place at Gibson & Grieve.  His heart really isn’t into retail though and using his celebrity to further the business isn’t very appealing.  Phin has his own ideas about what he’d like to have happen and as his personal assistant Summer’s job is about to encompass a bit more responsibility than she’d anticipated.


Phin has a bit of a reputation as a ‘playboy’ and he isn’t entirely comfortable with the temperament and expectations of his latest girlfriend so he enlists Summer’s assistance in helping to dissuade Jewel from trying to sink her claws into him.  Since Summer’s pinning away for Jonathon, Phin devises a plan that should help them both – they’ll pretend to be involved.  Jewel will lose interest and Jonathon will realize that he’s madly and truly in love with Summer and come crawling back to her begging for her to take him back.  It’s a plan destined for success, right?  Well, maybe.  The one thing neither of them expected was for Phin’s decision to force her into an adventure to Cameroon to help build a hospital to result in Summer’s reevaluating what’s truly important to her and what she finds appealing in a potential lover.  Phin’s gorgeous, no doubt about that, but Summer needs stability and a home – something Phin’s adventuring would never permit.    If only she could stop dreaming about his ‘oh so perfect’ kisses…


Jessica Hart’s OH-SO-SENSIBLE SECRETARY kicks off Harlequin’s new romantic comedy series THE FUN FACTOR with a delightful storyline full of emotion and humor.  We all know at least one perfectionist and how delightfully easy it is to mess with their system, well Summer and Phin fit that description perfectly.  She’s anal about everything right down to the position of her stapler on her desk and Phin makes sure to go out of his way to annoy her by toying with the items on her desk.  At times you’d think they’d end up killing each other but then he discovers her doughnut fetish and from that a friendship is born.   You wouldn’t normally consider doughnuts to be ‘romantic’ but Phin’s thoughtfulness during one particular scene had me sighing in longing.  Ms. Hart delivers a humorous story combined with a unique situation, fascinating characters and a surprising change of heart that is sure to make you smile and leave you feeling good about the time you spent immersed in this book.

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