Old Town New
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 9, 2006 - 2:56:00 PM

Harlan Quinn’s latest police assignment has him returning to the small town where he grew up in Colorado. He’s the new sheriff. To make matters even more interesting his neighbor is none other than his best friend and high school lover Danny.

Danny Avers is teaching American History to eighth graders at the local middle school. He’s been living a quiet life in the small town that has never forgiven him for the accident years earlier that claimed the lives of six of his friends.

Quinn isn’t thrilled with the thought of being back in Hotchkiss, Colorado. He’d been a bit of a hell raiser in his youth and knows very well that the residents of this town have long memories. He fully intends to move into his rental house with his dog just long enough to finish the job he came back to accomplish and then return to Denver. After spending time with Danny, Quinn knows he doesn’t want to live without him again. Danny has a career and life in Hotchkiss, but he’s had to hide who he truly is and ignore his own desires just to be accepted. What will happen when Quinn and Danny’s relationship is brought out into the open?

BA Tortuga’s OLD TOWN NEW is an emotionally charged tale that centers around life in a small town. Readers will experience all the quirks of small town living - nosey neighbors, gossip, honest friendships cultivated over a lifetime. There’s also the long memories of the townspeople that never let you live down any mistake you may have ever made. Even though they’ve been separated for close to twenty years, Danny and Quinn have never forgotten about each other. Their relationship is full of everything any couple could want - acceptance, love, and friendship.

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