On Strike for Christmas
By Dottie
Dec 17, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

At one time Laura Fredericks enjoyed the holidays, but now it seems that each year her husband, Glen, fills their home with family and friends. While he enjoys the company, she is left with all the work, despite his promises to help. Afterwards, her carefully tended home is left in shambles, providing even more work for her and she is tired of it. Just one time, she would like to switch places with him.

Caterer Joy Robertson loves the holidays and attending her family’s festivities. But each year it seems as if they no sooner arrive than her husband, Bob, is ready to leave. Rather than argue with him, she gives into his demands. Now that she is dealing with menopause and an empty nest, she feels that she ought to be allowed at least a few pleasures. Watching the women in her family and their loving relationships with the men in their lives makes Joy feel wistful. Although she and Bob attend the family events together, they are no longer a couple. Unlike her close and caring family, Bob’s family is distant and dull. As she contemplates her husband’s slow transformation into Ebenezer Scrooge, she gets an idea; she is going on strike for Christmas and giving Bob just what he wants – a non-Christmas.

Attending the weekly meeting of her Stitch ‘n Bitch knitting group, Joy tells them of her plan and soon the others, including Laura, decide to join her. If their husbands want Christmas, they will have to do the work for a change. As word spreads and a local reporter gets wind of the strike, even more women join in. Can the men pull off Christmas without their wives’ help? Many of the couples are dealing with bigger problems than just the preparations for the holidays. Will the boycott help solve these issues or make matters worse?

With the novel ON STRIKE FOR CHRISTMAS, bestselling author Sheila Roberts strikes a chord for the many women who are left to handle all the details, big and small, that go into making Christmas a festive holiday for their loved ones. This fun, contemporary tale will soon have you laughing out loud at the extremes some of the husbands go to in order to make Christmas a success for their families. I could not help feeling a bit sorry for a couple of the husbands, although this gives them a chance to experience the holiday from their wives’ point of view.

Christmas, do-nothing husbands, fed-up wives, mayhem, humor, a holiday boycott, family dynamics and marital conflicts combine for a fun tale that will leave you giggling. Ms. Roberts writes unforgettable, heartfelt novels, and this one is no exception. This story is a joy to experience! Do not miss it!

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