Recipe For Love Romance: On The Steamy Side
By CinLee
Feb 18, 2010 - 6:55:53 PM

Devon Sparks could never please his father. No matter what he did growing up, he didn’t measure up. Only his brother received support from Phil Sparks. On his graduation day, Devon announced he was attending culinary school and
, after receiving the reaction he expected from his father, he severed ties with his family.

Several years later, he was a success beyond his own imagining. He had a television show, which was his life. During an argument in a bar with his publicist, a drink was knocked over, drenching Lilah Jane Tunkle. Although Devon hadn’t been the one to knock the drink over, he took her home for a shower. Chemistry sparked between the two and they had a night of mind-blowing sex without ever exchanging names.


When Devon awoke in the morning, Lilah Jane was gone, which was all right with him. He liked his relationships casual, short and with no strings attached.  He had a two-week hiatus from his show, but he couldn’t go on a vacation, as he had agreed to run a friend’s restaurant in his stead.


What he didn’t expect was that everything that could go wrong did. Most of his friend’s staff had work experience with Devon and hated him, and his casual fling from the night before was there to start as a bus person. After tampering with his friend’s menu, Devon was devastated when people started sending meals back, along with incorrect orders that Lilah had gotten wrong. Even though it wasn’t his restaurant, Devon felt he had no choice but to fire her.


But even that wasn’t the worst of it. In the middle of the disaster, a police officer showed up with Devon’s son in tow.


His mother had been pulled over for a DUI and was going for rehab. It was up to Devon to take in his son or the boy would go into foster care. Aside from support and gifts on birthdays and Christmas, Devon had no experience with the boy, who was quiet and withdrawn. When Lilah heard there was no other family and no one to step up, she volunteered Devon for the job and swiftly found herself hired as Tucker’s nanny. Now she wonders if she can bring father and son together and maybe even form a family.


ON THE STEAMY SIDE is an interesting read with the dynamics of the relationships between the many characters. The transformation of Devon from mean and surly to loving father is handled very well. The sex scenes are as steamy as the title promises. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, JUST ONE TASTE.


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