On This Day
By Sherri Myers
Feb 1, 2006 - 9:06:00 PM

Five women all arrive at Lakeside Inn, from various places, of various ages, and various relationships to the bride.  Each one has a reason for being there, whether serving as maid-of-honor, sister-in-law of the groom, the bride's aunt, grandmother to the bride, or as a family friend.  As each begins to reflect on her own relationship with her partner, she discovers she needs to talk with someone else to unburden her heart.

Laura Fairbanks, sister-in-law to the groom, would rather be almost anywhere except at this wedding.  She's happy for the couple, but after having given birth to Amy just two months ago, Laura is exhausted and suffering from postpartum depression.  Will her husband, David, or someone-anyone-realize she needs help before she has a complete breakdown?


Elizabeth Anderson, the bride's aunt, is almost certain her husband, Phil, is having an affair with the pretty, young neighbor he jogs with around the neighborhood.  Thoughts of ending their 25-year marriage are in the forefront of Elizabeth's mind on a day when her niece is just beginning her journey into marriage.  What will happen when Phil insists on knowing why Elizabeth is acting so strangely?


Suzette Burke, whose husband is a friend of the family, realizes her husband is having an affair with his secretary after talking to attendees of the wedding and after observing him during the day.  Having always thought of herself as above most other women in social status and looks, the snooty Suzette has a hard time dealing with it and is determined to make Jim take notice of her and forget about Nicole.  Will it work, or will she just make a fool of herself in front of everyone?


Ingrid Campbell, the maid-of-honor, is engaged to marry soon herself but after meeting handsome Patrick, Elizabeth's son, she wonders if she is really ready to tie the knot.  Was her 'yes' to Jason only because she got caught up in the excitement of a wedding?  Should she heed the doubts or continue planning her own wedding?


Margaret Simpson, the bride's paternal grandmother, had been married almost sixty years when she lost her beloved Calvin almost a year earlier.  Thinking back on her many years of marriage, Margaret is thankful to have found such a wonderful husband and has one regret in her life-having almost had an affair with a doctor she worked for.  Will Margaret have any sage advice on marriage to share with the newlyweds?


ON THIS DAY by best-selling author Melody Carlson is a somewhat unusual novel in that the whole book takes place in just one day's time.  Five women with different personalities encourage, advise, and uplift each other, helping the others to see the power of perseverance, the folly of jumping to conclusions, the strength of friendship, and the ability of love to heal relationships.  Readers will empathize with the women in this novel, who take turns telling their stories chapter by chapter alternately.  Readers of inspirational fiction will surely enjoy this newest offering by Melody Carlson, one of this reviewer's favorite authors.

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