On Wings of Love
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 4, 2006 - 6:01:00 AM

Photojournalist Jillian Brandt is running for her life. Not even under witness protection is she safe. After overhearing the special agent assigned to her whispering to someone on the phone, Jillian followed her instincts and escaped, unfortunately she was shot while fleeing "protection." Hurt, scared, and alone, Jillian puts her trust in a couple of truckers to get her to the only man she’s ever loved - Trey Langden.

Rancher Trey Langden had dreams of a happy home and kids with Jillian until she took a photography assignment that he venomously opposed. It’s been two years since Trey last saw Jillian. He’s just starting to get used to the idea of life without her when he answers the phone and hears her voice on the other end of the line.

Trey is shocked by the desolation he hears in Jillian’s voice and he can tell she’s fighting tears. Jillian explains that she needs a place to hide and can’t trust anybody. From the few cryptic comments she makes Trey can tell that whatever trouble she’s running from is huge. Trey is still hurting from their breakup and not quite comfortable with allowing Jillian back into his life and home but she needs help and he won’t turn her away. Trey meets up with Jillian in Albuquerque and while driving back to his ranch has her fill him in on what happened and has her so scared. After learning that she’d been on the road for several days with the truckers who had helped her reach Albuquerque from Miami, Trey has her take a nap and he decides to listen to the citizens band radio. After listening to an all-points bulletin, Jillian comments that it took them long enough to ask for help finding her and let’s Trey know that the FBI agent who was supposed to be protecting her actually shot her when she ran from the safe house. Trey knows that he has no choice. He must protect her. How is he going to stay detached enough to be able to cope with the loneliness when the danger is over and she leaves him again?

Becky Barker’s ON WINGS OF LOVE is a story of a love which time, distance and extreme danger can’t destroy. Trey and Jillian are both strong-willed individuals who let their own needs and pride pull them away from each other. I loved ‘watching’ them interact as they reestablish their relationship. I really got pulled into the suspense angle and had to keep reading until I knew where exactly the danger to Jillian was coming from and how they’d defeat it. This story is also full of fun and memorable characters who will charm their way into your heart and keep you reading right to the end.

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