On the Loose: A Katie Parker Production, Act 2
By Sherri Myers
Aug 1, 2007 - 1:49:09 PM

With her dad who knows where, and her mom in jail for dealing drugs, teenager Katie Parker has already experienced her share of trouble.   She’s lived with her foster parents in In Between, Texas, for six months now, and is starting to adjust to finally having a stable family.   Ah, but trouble seems to know how to find Katie, and it isn’t surprising that just as she begins to live a normal life, it comes calling once again.

First a tornado tears through In Between, causing her foster grandmother, Maxine, to move in with them.   Then her foster mom, Millie, is diagnosed with cancer and she is accused of stealing things from school lockers.   The bright spot in the whole mess is when she tries out for the lead role in Cinderella and it looks like she might actually get the part.   Will Katie get to be Cinderella and capture Prince Charming’s heart for real?


ON THE LOOSE is the second release in the KATIE PARKER series for teen girls, but easily stands alone so readers can enjoy it without first reading book one, IN BETWEEN.   Katie Parker has certainly earned many bumps and bruises in the school of hard knocks, causing her to wonder if God really cares about her at all.   She hasn’t yet become a Christian even though her foster dad is a pastor, and Katie isn’t sure if she will ever be a believer because of all the problems she always seems to have.  


Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, ON THE LOOSE is sure to hold the attention of any teen girl.   Katie’s problems and situations are ones many young girls can relate to, and I believe the name Jenny B. Jones will be one they will recommend to each other as a must-read author.   Although it’s been many years since I was a teen, I enjoyed this young adult romance and recommend it wholeheartedly!           

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