In Wilde Country series - On the Wilde Side
By Dottie
May 26, 2014 - 12:15:00 PM

Anyone who has read any of Sandra Marton’s books about THE WILDES is familiar with General John Hamilton Wilde, the patriarch of the Wilde family. But while readers are aware of him through his children’s eyes as a cold, strict man, it is not apparent what made him the way he is – not until now.


Growing up, football hero Johnny Wilde could have any girl he wanted. Unfortunately, things are not so well at home. His father barely tolerates him, blaming Johnny for his mother’s death since she died bringing him into the world. Then, a particularly harrowing accident one night after a game changes Johnny’s life as he knows it. Football becomes the furthest thing from his mind as he struggles to make it from day to day, practically disowned by his overbearing father and left on his own. With his father’s words ringing in his ears, Johnny blames himself for this latest turn of events, although everyone else tries to show him how wrong he is. Following his father’s demands, Johnny goes to West Point. Although this is a family tradition since generations of Wildes graduated from there, it is the last thing he wants to do. At first, he despises West Point, but as he realizes that the past can never be undone, he leaves the prosperous family ranch of El Sueno and makes the school his home. Gradually, he finds his place in life, but the more successful he becomes, the more the past haunts him.

Now, thirty years later, Johnny is John, a four star general with ten grown children, who have just made some shocking discoveries about their father’s life as his secrets are exposed. Is he the upright, hardnosed military man they have always known or has it all been a lie?

With the release of her latest Wilde family story entitled ON THE WILDE SIDE, USA Today bestselling author Sandra Marton grabs hold of your heart and doesn’t let go until the very end. Up until now, readers have only seen one side of General John Hamilton Wilde, but now they get the chance to see behind the scenes to how the events of one night have made him the man he is today. A life built on secrets and deceit as Johnny tries to live the lives of two men and ends up miserable in both. Now that the secrets are out in the open, will he lose all that he has worked for, including his children?

Once again, phenomenal author Sandra Marton has penned a winner. I absolutely loved revisiting the Wilde family and getting the opportunity to see behind the scenes into the life of the powerful family patriarch. In this latest novella of THE WILDES series, the first in her IN WILDE COUNTRY subseries, Ms. Marton revisits the family, only this time all the secrets are out in the open. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Packed with grief, betrayal, deceit, adultery, secrets, family dynamics, passion and love, this story will keep you spellbound. Pick up a copy of this enticing contemporary tale and discover the world of THE WILDES for yourself!


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