Once A Thief
By Jolie
Aug 7, 2006 - 8:53:00 AM

Katherine Kern has come a long way from the bleak projects where she grew up.  Now an assistant DA, she volunteers her time for the Mentor program, pairing up troubled teens with reformed adults who have experienced prison from the inside.

Kate is badly rattled when Jake Monroe first walks through her door.  She hasn’t seen him since high school.  As a mentor, Jake is obviously as bad now as he was then.  However, that doesn’t stop her heart from racing when he lounges back in a chair and turns his steady, intense gaze on her.    
Jake finished his stint behind bars and is now entering the Mentor program hoping to keep some misguided youth from making the same mistakes he did.  Showing up at the first meeting, Jake is warily stunned to see Kate.  It’s not long before he’s taking a trip down memory lane.  Having played doctor with the beautiful attorney when they were kids, Jake wonders if Kate is open to a repeat performance of the adult version.    
By page three of ONCE A THIEF, I was completely and utterly captivated!  Ms. Desalvo takes two complete opposites and blends them into a physically and emotionally powerful read.  Kate is methodical and safe.  Accustomed to making decisions by means of planning and precision, she sees Jake as a dangerous and unwise choice.  On the other hand, having invited trouble into his life from the time he was a kid, Jake regards the cool and classy Kate as completely unattainable.  Both desperately wanting what they feel they should not have, they come together with a passion that will blister your fingers!   
ONCE A THIEF will glaze your eyes, make you quite breathless, and have you squirming in your seat.  While it contains mild BDSM, I personally don’t feel even the faint of heart will find it too over the top.  What you WILL find is a very verbal alpha male who knows exactly what he wants, and determinedly sets out to get it. 
What an explosive and positively scorching read!  Thank you, Ms. Desalvo, for this wonderful contribution to my “to be read again and again” pile! 

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