Once Burned
By Dina Smith
Sep 1, 2005 - 9:22:00 AM

Christine Lovell thought she had come a long way from the pain and anger that she faced growing up. She had a job she loved working as an insurance claims adjuster for her two best friends Amanda and Will and she lived a nice, quiet life even if it was a little lonely sometimes. Chris's experience with relationship's has proven to be nothing but pain and heartache and at the age of twenty seven Chris just wasn't willing to go through all that pain again.

But just because she didn't want a relationship with someone didn't stop Chris from looking at the mystery man. It all started at the Super Saver Grocery Store when Chris moved a box of cereal and found herself looking at a pair of brown eyes and the handsomest face that she had ever seen. Since then she has seen the mystery man around town but every time she does she either freezes up or she tries to run and hide from him. When Will sends Chris to investigate a fire claim at a tire shop she comes face to face with her mystery man; and this time there is no where to hide.

Richard Duffle or 'Duff' as he is known by his friends could not believe his luck when he turned and saw his mystery lady standing right in front of him. For weeks he has been trying to find her but every time he sees her she disappears but he figures fate has brought her to his tire store and he is not about to let her get away this time.

Chris and Duff begin dating and soon Chris finds herself falling in love with this caring and generous man. But when the report from the fire at the tire store comes back Chris realizes Duff may not be the man she thought he was. Instead of going to Duff with her findings, Chris runs and finds herself in danger of losing her life. Will Chris learn the truth about Duff before it is too late?

ONCE BURNED is a sweet story that readers will enjoy again and again. Duff was a strong, patient hero and the perfect match for Chris while she learned to trust in love again. Jackie Griffey has written many great books and ONCE BURNED is no exception, I will be eagerly waiting to read what she has in store for us next.

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