Once Upon A Veterinarian
By Christina
Dec 1, 2008 - 11:58:57 AM

Dr. Ben Sauvigon and his partner Stacy run a veterinary clinic in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Stacy handles the farm animals while Ben handles all the other animals. They have worked hard and their business is starting to take off. Ben likes working in a place where he can get to know and like most of the people who come to his clinic and they him. It is this familiarity that makes his suspicions about the recent deaths of several pets painful and almost unthinkable.

When Constable Tim Geary arrives at Terry Road Veterinary Clinic to investigate the possible deliberate poisoning of several pets he is pleased to find himself interviewing a very handsome doctor. It is very hard to meet men in their smack town so he decides to give the vet his number. He is also determined to do his best to discover who is murdering innocent animals and arrest them preferably before any more animals die. He also hopes to see Ben again as soon as possible.  


While there is an interesting mystery to be solved the main focus of the novel is on the developing relationship between Ben and Tim. They face many unexpected obstacles that while frustrating for the characters are very entertaining to the reader. ONCE UPON A VETERINARIAN by Drew Zachary is a charming romance story.


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