Once Upon a Christmas

Author: Brenda Novak, Melinda Curtis, Anna Adams

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: November 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Angela Forrester would do anything to bring joy to her foster-daughter Kayla’s heart this Christmas season. If that means making the journey back to Virginia City to tell Kayla’s father he has a daughter, so be it.

Matthew Jackson does not know Kayla is his daughter, but he is drawn to Angela and Kayla from the moment they arrive in Virginia City. But Matthew is not sure if he can trust Angela with his heart after a teenage prank gone horribly wrong devastated his future. What will happen then, when she tells him he is Kayla’s father?


Brenda Novak writes a compelling drama surrounding the heartache and uncertainty of not knowing one’s identity. In Virginia City, both Kayla and Angela learn some hard lessons, but also discover the bountiful happiness waiting for them if they are willing to grasp it. Novak’s story is sweet and memorable.



Casino mogul Simon Castle has a very important meeting in Las Vegas he needs to attend on Christmas day. Unfortunately, finding a ride is hard to come by. Then he spots Emma Roberts’ car and offers her an impressive amount of money to drive him to Vegas.


Emma cannot believe the bah-humbug attitude of Simon Castle. Someone needs to teach him that Christmas is not just about glitter and gifts that its true meaning lies in the heart. She is sure she is just the woman for the job. Simon does not stand a chance against her heart.

Melinda Curtis plays upon the traditional Scrooge Christmas theme to make THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS a sentimental and delightful story. Emma and Simon come at the holidays from different angles, but once their hearts bond, they discover that love is perhaps the most vital and needed Christmas gift of all. Well done, Ms. Curtis!





Andrew Durham lost the chance for love once when he told the woman he adored, the woman his young daughter was coming to see as a mother, that he did not want more children. When he discovers that Rachel Ford is about to have his baby, nothing can stop him from making them a family again.


When Rachel sees Andrew and his daughter Addie on the Santa Superchief, the train that is taking her home to Virginia City, her heart leaps and crashes. Andrew did not want more children but all of a sudden he is professing his love? Can Rachel ever trust him with her heart again? It will take a true Christmas miracle to unite this broken family.


Anna Adams completes this anthology with a heartbreaking story of love gone asunder. It will take a lot of work to reunite Rachel and Andrew, and with their stubborn personalities, reuniting will take more than a few hugs and kisses. Luckily, Ms. Adams invokes some Christmas cheer and a sense of love aboard the Santa Superchief that goes a long way to healing wounds and mending hearts. A great ending to a fine holiday-themed collection.




Brenda Novak, Melinda Curtis, and Anna Adams will charm you this Christmas season with this tender book. Break out the hot chocolate and get cozy in front of a fire as you enjoy this anthology.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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