Reunion Brides, Book 2 - Once Upon a Groom -
By Dottie
Sep 16, 2011 - 5:54:54 PM

Zack Decker grew up in Miners Bluff on a horse ranch owned by his parents, the Rocky D. As a young man, he had been anxious to leave home and strike out on his own. From the time he had first been given a video camera all he had wanted to do was make films. In high school, he had been awarded the National Young Filmmakers Scholarship. Since high school he had deep feelings for Jenny. The day he had won the scholarship, his father had hired Jenny as one of his horse trainers and handlers. Celebrating, they had given into their passion for each other. He had felt betrayed when she refused to leave the Rocky D to go with him to California. His father had gambled and cheated on his mom, so not having a good idea of marriage, he had proclaimed that he would never marry.

Jenny Farber lost her mom when she was quite young. Her father had seldom been home due to following the rodeo circuit. After the death of her mother, he had left Jenny with a neighbor so he could return to the circuit, leaving her to feel unwanted. Working with some nearby ranches, she had learned how to handle horses and had turned to them for love, as well as to Zack. When Zack’s mom discovered Jenny’s history, she had given her a home. Jenny has come to love Silas and Olivia Decker as if they were her own parents, but she still misses her own father. She had been eighteen when Zack had left home. Although he had asked her to go with him, she knew his views on marriage and, with her history, commitment was something she needed. After the death of Olivia, Jenny had remained close to Silas, helping to care for him and the ranch. Whenever she felt lonely, she had the horses to talk to. With Zack becoming famous in California over the years, she has spent the time getting over him.

Jenny has noticed that something is not right with Silas. She has made doctor’s appointments for him, but he always refuses to go. Desperate, she calls Zack to come home. When Zack receives her urgent phone call, he drops everything and goes back to his childhood home, arriving in time for their high school reunion. However, he can only stay for one day. Seeing Jenny again after sixteen years, he realizes the attraction between them has never died. But, as usual, Zack and Silas do not get along. Although Jenny insists that Silas has changed over the years, Zack does not see it. The next day he returns to California.

Three months later, Zack receives another call from Jenny; Silas has had a heart attack. With a documentary in the works, a different and important project for Zack, he works from the ranch by phone. Seeing his father in a hospital bed, Zack finds himself agreeing to stay for a month to six weeks to help Jenny with the ranch. As the holidays draw near, Jenny tries to get Zack to see that Silas is not the bad man that Zack believes he is. Through this time, the two fight the attraction between them, even as Jenny is forced to let him in on her most heartbreaking secret. 

A touching story, ONCE UPON A GROOM, the second book in talented author Karen Rose Smith’s REUNION BRIDES series, is an emotion-packed contemporary romance that she brings to life right before your eyes.  Silas and Zack struggle to overcome the misunderstandings and grief of their past. Seeing his virile father in a hospital bed brings home some truths for Zack, although he still tries to maintain his anger at his father. Feeling betrayed by Jenny since she had refused to go with him when he offered years ago, he fights against their attraction to each other which proves to be too strong for him to win against. Brimming with past hurts, grief, arguments, past betrayals, sizzling hot situations, humor, secrets, romance and a second chance at love, ONCE UPON A GROOM is a book for the keeper shelf. Working side by side with Jenny on the farm, Zack discovers some new things about himself and his life. Do not miss this wonderful story! If you enjoy this story, you should also enjoy the first book in this series, HIS DAUGHTER…THEIR CHILD. I am eager to read the next story by this very talented author.

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