Once Upon a Prince: Perry Square Series
By Cat Cody
May 1, 2005 - 4:15:00 AM

Shey Carlson never had much growing up. Now that she has her own coffee shop with her two best friends as business partners, she feels like she has everything she needs. When her friend Parker, who just happens to be a princess, needs Shey to run interference with an unwanted prince, Shey is more than happy to help. She'
ll show this spoiled royal a great big Erie PA welcome - on the back of her Harley! He'll be running for his private jet in no time. Little does she know this prince may be more than ready to handle her.

Prince Tanner Ericson is not thrilled to have to fly to America to pick up his reluctant fiancée, but it's all part of the job when you're royality. Duty and honor go ahead of any personal wishes, and most especially ahead of love. The sooner Parker figures that out and does her duty by marrying him the better. It isn't that he wouldn't want to marry for love, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. So if he's in America to get Parker, why is he following Shey around like a besotted teenager?


Shey and Tanner dance around their attraction, neither one able to overlook Tanner's involvement with Parker. As the sparks fly between them will Tanner be able to keep duty and honor in the forefront of his mind? Especially when his heart is already lost.


Holly Jacobs does it again with this delightfully funny sequel to ONCE UPON A PRINCESS. Shey is a wonderful heroine with a smart mouth and a heart of gold. Tanner loses his stuffiness quickly on the back of her Harley and shows that he can indeed be a Prince Charming. ONCE UPON A PRINCE will have you kissing frogs to find a prince of your own!

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