Petal Georgia, Book 1: Once and Again
By Contessa
Mar 7, 2013 - 6:21:08 AM

After Lily’s father runs off with a younger woman, Lily’s mother is severely distraught and her brother is on the verge of failing high school.  So, following a seven-year hiatus, Lily Travis returns home to mend her broken family.  To make matters even worse, Lily’s old flame is currently one of her brother’s teachers. Wow, can life get any more complicated?

Nathan Murphy could not believe his eyes.  Lily Travis, once the love of his life, has returned home. This time Nathan is determined that Lily will not slip through is fingers a second time.  However, convincing her that they belong together proves to be more difficult than Nathan bargains for.  Nevertheless, Nathan will not give up without a fight because all is fair in love and war and Lily is the only woman he has ever loved. Will he convince her that they belong together?


Lauren Dane’s ONCE AND AGAIN is a sweet and sizzling romance that captured my heart from the start.  Lily proves to be a big challenge to Nathan who is used to easily getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it.  I so enjoyed watching him struggle as he tries to recapture Lily’s heart and more importantly, to regain her trust.  I also admire Nathan’s willingness to listen to his family’s input on seeing things from Lily’s point of view.  Slowly, but surely, romance along with unconditional support towards Lily, won over my heart to Nathan’s character.  I really respect Lily’s integrity, her inner strength to drop everything and single-handedly restore her family when all odds seem to be against her.  The chemistry between Lily and Nathan is intensely passionate as they dance around their true feelings for one another.  As you can imagine once they give into their desire, it is an explosive event and never loses its sweltering heat.  ONCE AND AGAIN is one story not to be missed!

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