One Texas Cowboy Too Many - Burnt Boot, Texas series, book 3
By Dottie
Apr 5, 2016 - 10:18:22 PM

Leah Brennan was raised to be the next matriarch once her granny dies. Although she is well versed in all phases of ranching, she prefers her job as a teacher. She is tired of the feud that has been going on between her family and their neighbors, the Gallaghers. Growing up, she had a crush on Tanner Gallagher, but he was definitely off limits. Her granny would kill her if she became involved with him. Then a sexy, tattooed, pony-tailed cowboy rides into town on a motorcycle and Leah cannot stop the heated dreams she has of the two of them together. When Tanner suddenly starts paying attention to her, practically stalking her in his attempts to court her, Leah finds herself with ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY on her hands.

Rhett rides into the small town of Burnt to help out his cousin Sawyer. Upon arrival, he meets a sexy blonde named Leah, who makes him feel things he has never felt before. Working the ranch by day and tending bar by night as he helps out his cousin, Rhett encounters Leah quite often and begins to really fall for her. Suddenly, he is caught up in an escalating hundred-year-old feud and with an overeager rival for Leah's affections. Can he win the girl of his dreams, or will he lose her to his wealthier rival?

A sassy tale, ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY, the third book in author Carolyn Brown's BURNT BOOT series, is an action-packed, sexy contemporary romance that will entice readers to be caught up in this delicious tale. Once Leah and Rhett lay eyes on each other, that's it. The chemistry between them is explosive and the romance sweet. If only he could get the other girls in town and Leah's staunch admirer to leave them out of the conflict that involves the whole town, a feud that is not of their making.

Adding even more appeal to this fast-paced story for fans of the series is the return of some of the characters from previous books. Still this story can be read as a standalone, although I believe that readers would derive extra enjoyment out of it if they started at the beginning and read the entire, delicious series, including COWBOY BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS (COWBOY NOT INCLUDED) and THE TROUBLE WITH TEXAS COWBOYS. Humor, heat and hunky cowboys, along with a dollop of drama and plenty of sass, take ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY over the top. A definite keeper - you won't want to miss this one!

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